“Character is who you are when no one is looking.”


Policy Statement

Character counts at MyTruDate and although we cannot monitor our User’s conduct 24/7, we want to build a community made up of Users who treat people with respect, whether they’re using our app, or out in the world. This approach raises the safety bar for our dating pool, and helps us offer higher integrity potential matches for our Users. As such, we reserve the right to take actionable steps or corrective action against any Users who disrespect another person’s humanity, whether on our app, or off it. This holds true whether the disrespect is directed at another MyTruDate User, or a non MyTruDate User.

Action Taken

Any User whom we discover has engaged in any inappropriate behavior that violates the MyTruDate Code of Conduct, Bullying and Harassment Policy, Discrimination Policy, Sex Buyer/Sex Seller, Child Sexual Abuse Material, or Sexual Violence Policies while not using the MyTruDate app will be subjected to corrective actions we deem appropriate under the circumstances to best support our Users’ safety and the integrity of our User base. This includes the possibility of being warned, temporarily suspended, or even permanently banned from the MyTruDate Platform.